UEFA A Licence

The UEFA A Licence is the highest practical coaching award currently available and builds on technical and tactical content covered in the UEFA B Licence course or the other recognised equivalents. In addition the course will focus extensively on the effective application of the principles of play in the 11v11 game and the development of specialist individual roles within the team.

The UEFA A licence is for coaches who are, or who intend to be working in 11 v 11 football within the international, professional, semi-professional and elite girls or youth programmes. Candidates are strongly advised to ensure they will have access to sufficient players to practice 11 v 11 sessions between part 1, part 2 and the final assessment.

The following theoretical aspects will be included in the course curriculum:

  • Problem-solving exercises
  • Performance and match analysis
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Principles and systems of play
  • Communication skills
  • Player development
  • Psychology – how players learn, what motivates them
  • Planning for performance



The FA UEFA A licence course is divided into two residential parts:

Part 1 of the course runs over 13 days, during which time candidates will be filmed delivering a practical session, as well as participating in the theory and practical sessions.

Part 2 – new Format:

Candidates who started Part 1 in 2010 will return for an eight day Part 2 course, and will again be filmed delivering one practical session, as well as participating in the remaining theory and practical syllabus. Final assessment will take place after Part 2, and candidates will be sent details of assessment opportunities.

Part 2 – old Format:

Candidates who took Part 1 between 2006 and 2009 will return for a 13-day Part 2 course, during which they will complete the UEFA A Licence syllabus and conduct their two remaining assessed sessions. This will be the last ‘old format’ Part 2 course.

The content exceeds the minimum requirements specified under UEFA guidelines (120 guided learning hours), as it is designed specifically to meet the needs of coaches working in England.

UEFA A Licence – Course pre-requisites

The FA UEFA B Licence + The FA UEFA A Licence Preparatory Course

Candidates are required to submit their footballing CV and their FA UEFA B Action Plan with their course application.

Applications will then be vetted by the course director, using the following criteria:

  • Compliance with FA UEFA B Action Plan
  • Evidence of coaching practice and supporting testimony
  • Evidence of current capacity (on a sufficiently regular basis) to work with an 11-a-side team for which UEFA B practice format and content are appropriate